Our current immigration policies are failing and family separation does nothing to protect our borders. With cases of thousands of people being held in rampant unhygenic, disease-prone, overcrowded conditions in cells that function as cages; children missing, abused and dying; the trauma of separation between children and caregivers — the horrors have been unimaginable. That level of trauma trickles into all of our communities.

And that’s just those at the border.

What can you do? First, elect reps that will reunite families, close these camps, and reform immigration from a humane lens. Elect reps that will support The Dream Act. Elect reps that will uphold our laws but ensure law-abiding, hard-working families are not separated.

Second, take action now where you can.

Never Again Action  is launching their DecemberWave of Action against ICE, announcing two simultaneous December 10th actions, and has released a Toolkit with blueprints to organize actions all across the country.

How do you want to fight ICE in December?

📝 Help plan a local action:

🚗 Travel to RI or Kansas City on December 10th:

⌨️ Volunteer remotely:

💸 Donate:

Never Again Action has put together a toolkit with everything you need to make an action happen in your community! Planning guides, agendas for house & mass meetings, information about the strategy and structure of the movement, and more:


On December 6th, Never Again Action DC is joining the #ClimateStrike and going after a financial institution that’s bankrolling private prisons across the country, including ICE detention centers holding immigrants in horrific conditions:

On December 10th are two simultaneous mass actions. As the Northeast converges on the Wyatt ICE Detention Center in Rhode Island, the Midwest action will be in Kansas City targeting UMB Bank, the profiteers suing to keep the Wyatt open:

Text NEVER to 83224 for updates.

There is a lot of fear for immigrants right now. Citizens Rise works with Santa Clara County and San Mateo County’s primary immigration nonprofit: Services, Immigrants Rights & Education Network (SIREN).

FREE LEGAL SERVICES: Every Thursday FROM 9AM-5PM. On the 3rd Thursday of every month, the clinic is closed due to their mobile clinic.

Span/Eng: (408) 453-3017
Viet/Eng: (408) 453-3013

  1. Top priority: To give all immigrants access to their rights through legal and other services.
  2. Boost morale and preventing widespread depression or hostility.
  3. Partnerships with local and state agencies to protect immigrants.
  4. Here is information from #Not1More on How to prepare for raids (in Spanish).Here is a full list of their partnerships and collaborations.