“Our Voices”: 97% of Planned Parenthood’s services offer primary healthcare, breast cancer screening and prenatal care. Here are the stories of those using #PPMM.

At last, the video is up! This first video needed fundraising but thanks to donations from supporters like you, we have the funding to launch an entire campaign that will show how Planned Parenthood Mar Monte is ensuring everyone, every family, every child gets the healthcare they need. Whether it’s showing people how to navigate the AHA system to buy health coverage or providing services, like breast cancer screenings or prenatal care, PPMM is here for its community just as so many clinics across the country are there for their communities despite all formidable healthcare costs and challenges.

In the bigger picture, having access to affordable clinics eases the financial and other burdens placed on ERs, which should not be handling things like colds, and ultimately reduces healthcare costs for everyone. PPMM isn’t just for those who need it but for all of us.

Almost at the finish line for Banyan’s PPMM Video Project!

We are almost at the finish line, folks! An immense, heartfelt thanks to all the people who have supported us so far! WOW. THANK YOU!  We only need  $1,200. That means 10 people donating at $120 each or 20 people donating $60 each — or some combination thereof depending on your budget.

Go directly to paypal.com and send your donation, as a Gift, to [email protected]. (As wonderful as Causevox was — and it’s highly recommended to nonprofits — we migrated out to save some fees.)

To answer some FAQ about giving: you can now pay via Paypal by credit card (small fee) or bank account (no fee) through Paypal’s super secure service. But yes, you must first sign up, for free, to Paypal to do so.

If you do not want to sign up to Paypal, contact me at [email protected], and I will send you the address where to mail a check.

This is a tangible gift. Your money ensures a woman gets prenatal screening for a healthy delivery — the United States has the most infant mortality rate among industrialized nations because of lack of access to proper healthcare. You can change this!

Your money ensures an STD is stopped in its tracks by someone who gets a free STD test and is treated.

Your money ensures an entire family gets primary care, that a woman gets a breast cancer screening, that those who are uninsured are able to pay or are assisted in navigating the Affordable Care Act or their state program to ensure they get the right insurance for their needs.

Not one cent goes to anything else but what we are talking about: fundraising to ensure these services keep going.


Major event: after 3 years, launching Banyan with a healthcare video project that needs your help!

It’s hard to know how to help when there is so much negative news around. It’s hard to know which organizations to trust when you want to donate time or money. So Banyan will take that guesswork right out. Working with smaller nonprofits with big impact, Banyan wants to raise funds for content, like videos or PSA’s or presentations, that will enable a nonprofit to get to that next step whether it be in donors, donations, or awareness campaigns.

Banyan needs your help to get off the ground with the first project. Donating as little as $25 will ensure hundreds of thousands of people will get the healthcare they need in northern California and Nevada. Go to http://banyan.causevox.com/ for more information and to donate.

Banyan Productions from Banyan Productions on Vimeo.