An online tool to keep track of Trump: The Trump Tracker.

Know your Congressional representatives:

Know your Congressional district and your Assembly district.

To know your State Senator and Assembly representative for your district in California, go to the CA Assembly website.

This is the calendar of California’s House and Senate. We will keep you posted about Important Agenda items pertaining to your issue.

You can see who voted how on this C-Span link. Examples of votes you can be informed about. You can also focus on whom or which votes you want to keep track of. Log onto and as soon as you do, you can follow them on Twitter or get email alerts as to votes.

CQ’s BillTrack will allow you to filter on issues that are important to you and keep up to date in real-time about bills introduced and being voted on. There is a free trial, but it does have a cost.

Keep track of bills for the California Senate and for the California Assembly. For a daily, in real-time updates there’s CapitolTrack which has a free trial period but does cost.
Each bill must appear in the Daily File for four days prior to being heard in a committee. If the bill has a fiscal impact or a state cost, it will be heard in either the Senate or Assembly Appropriations Committee.
Bills are also amended often. Contact with the District Office can be helpful in keeping track of current versions of a bill. Here is a list of the California Senate Staffs and Assemblymembers’ District Staffs.

Together We Will is keeping track of the Republican’s agenda week by week:


Calls for Change: Each week they will send you all the information you need — from the right phone number to a sample script — so in just ten minutes you can make sure your voice is heard.

5 Calls: Five minutes a day, five calls


Black Youth 100: “BYP100 is an activist member-based organization of Black 18-35 year olds, dedicated to creating justice and freedom for all Black people.” They are intersectional and the vision for their programs is based on a “black, queer feminist lens.” BYP100 launched a resource on MLK Day 2016 called the Agenda to Build Black Futures. Billed as a grassroots “call for change,” the agenda presents an economic justice platform split into six goals that spotlight issues once at the margins of civil rights movements, such as women’s work.

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LOCAL GROUPS. There are online and in-person local groups springing up around the country. Find one near you or join online. Often you have to request to join.

Together We Will — Originally the Pantsuit Nation, after the election, they became more politically focused. You can find out about actions they’re taking, get action alerts, and request to join the TWW Facebook page.