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Did you know the United States is the only country that has not agreed on the United Nations standards for youth well-being? 43 children a day are impacted by gun violence. We can do better by our kids. Content for Change is dedicated to content that promotes education and advocacy for policies that protect children from trauma and heal families.

“Individual trauma becomes societal trauma.”

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  1. Produce content that takes deeper dives into issues.
  2. Local civic activation and engagement through:


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The President has turned DOJ into an arm of his political office. Brace yourselves for mild disappointment and statements that they “wouldn’t do it” from Senate Republicans who just gave the President the green light to use his office for personal and political gain. https://twitter.com/PeterAlexander/status/1227348499148234754

Peter Alexander@PeterAlexander

*Three* of the four career federal prosecutors who worked on the Roger Stone case have now quit the case -- one resigning from the DOJ altogether.

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