Why I’m running for District 22 as a delegate

Many people are joining the political process on all levels because of this past election. I have been involved for over a decade. Now that I work in policy and work for the people of California day in and day out, I wanted to use that voice towards legislation and the party platform in a more direct way.

I have been a registered Democrat since I could first vote at 18 and eagerly cast my ballot. I chose to be a Democrat because the Democratic party and its candidates best reflect the ideals I believe we should be working towards as a society. They have been and continue to be in alignment with my core values.  What are some of these values?

Since high school, I have volunteered or worked for decreasing education inequity, increasing healthcare access to all, reproductive rights and sexual health education, and increasing child protection. I reported on social injustices when I was a journalist. I gave voice for these rights as a producer and screenwriter. And I actively work for them now as I work at the intersection of media and public policy.

Between career and family, I never had the opportunity or frankly, the desire to speak on behalf of all my fellow Democrats — until this year. I view this year’s election results not as a loss but a call to action. And I am acting.  My party has not let me down. We “went high” and have kept it high and civil and inclusive even during the toughest of times. I have never been prouder to be a Democrat. I have never been prouder to be a California Democrat which is leading the way for our party. So the best I knew  to be an active participant and ensure the ideals we hold dear continue to be impactful — and win more elections in the future — was to run as a delegate.

For a delegate, the primary responsibility is interaction with the district. They need to be kept informed of what is happening to their party, in terms of policies and candidates, so the system can be as fair and transparent as possible. Already, I have several initiatives to ensure that I do this.

One way to keep my community engaged is media. As a former content director and journalist, I know the importance of trusted social media and information, and nothing is more trusted than direct sources. I will be having podcasts with everyone from supervisors to senators to community leaders and activists: what are the challenges and how are they being faced and, if relevant, what is the story behind the story?

Another way to engage the community is directly. On January 23rd, I am organizing a town forum through the newly-formed Still We Rise, a nonprofit that promotes community dialogue on issues about intersectional gender equality in politics and policy.

Please join me in both those initiatives. Make your voice heard. And VOTE.