Our recent event featured Assistant District Attorney, Paola Estanislao from Santa Clara County who assured us that both the county and the DA’s office are committed to its immigrant population and protecting them regardless of immigration status.

The District Attorney’s Office encourages undocumented immigrants who are victims of crime to report the incident to law enforcement. The D.A’s office is only concerned about the details of the crime, not your immigration status.

A U-Visa status (also known as U nonimmigrant status) is designed to provide lawful status to noncitizen crime victims who have assisted, are assisting, or are willing to assist the authorities in investigating or prosecuting crimes that were committed against them. The main purpose of the U-Visa is to encourage undocumented crime victims to help law enforcement investigate and prosecute crimes without fear of being deported.

For more information about U-Visas and the forms you need to apply, please visit the Department of Homeland Security’s webpage or contact the Victim Services Unit. Victims can also visit a Victim Advocacy Agency  for additional information and assistance.

If you are a qualifying victim, at the end of the criminal case, please send a completed U-Visa certification application to the Office’s U-Visa Desk for review to:

Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office
Attn: U-Visa Desk
70 W. Hedding Street, West Wing
San Jose, CA  95110
Phone: 408-808-3736
Email: UVisa@da.sccgov.org

Find out more about sanctuary cities, the Trust Act and how it integrates with the current federal criminal immigrant detention program enforced by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) called Priorities Enforcement Program (PEP).


Environmental Protection: 1-408-299-8477

Elder Financial Abuse
: 1-855-323-5337 or 1-855-DA Elder

Real Estate Fraud:  1408-792-2879

Restitution Unit: 1-408-792-2599

Price Scanner
: 1-866-722-6637 or 1-866-722-Scanner

Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fraud:  1-408-792-2466