Citizens, Rise! is a civic engagement group dedicated to Community, Knowledge, and Action. We connect our local community to experts so we can all be active and well-informed citizens.


Upcoming: Working America and our labor law challenges and solutions; the legislative advocate from Committee for Green Foothills leading an environmental advocacy training
May 15, 7-8:45 pm, Redwood City Public Library, Community Room (top floor)

Recent Events:
April 17: NRDC and The Sierra Club on greenhouse emissions, California’s water problems and solutions, and why California may be the beacon of hope in an administration hostile to environmental protection
March 27: ELECTION INTEGRITY with Brent Turner of CAVO, Pedro Hernandez of FairVote, and Erik Johnson of We the People
Tues. March 7: Shahid Buttar of the Electronic Frontier Foundation: Electronic Surveillance, Law Enforcement and Your Digital Privacy

See Calendar for full list of events.


The past five days has brought a flurry of activity from the federal government. Many Executive Orders. What is an Executive Order? How does it work? Can it be changed? What can we do?

POTUS: President Donald Trump has started action on several of his major priorities, but most of his proposals require moves by Congress or pose other significant obstacles.

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Full list of his Executive Orders is available here and get informed on what is an Executive Order and its parameters.

CONGRESS: Who has voted on what so far?  How did your rep vote or how will they vote? Find out who your reps are and what they’re doing.


Check here for the most recent action from our Environment Town Hall. Download letters to our reps and Water Board that:

  • Support legislation, AB378, that protects our vulnerable communities but still also reduces greenhouse emissions
  • Oppose the Water Fix and Delta Twin Tunnels construction that is not a fix at all for our state

Citizens, Rise partnered with ACLU-Northern Peninsula Chapter and Mid-Peninsula Human Rights Coalition to request that a Civil Rights Resolution in Belmont have stronger language. Check out how we prepared to speak to City Council, download the talking points we used as a template for your group, and contact us if you need to form a group to speak to your town hall on an issue.